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Here are a few things we accomplished today: Cat- Lucy and I attached a fifth and sixth wheel. Iyary-  I waited for the computer to update for half an hour :D Then we started to code another motor for our 5th and 6th additional wheel. Isaiah- I've been waiting 30 minutes for the computer update :) When the technology was done updating, I began coding for our light sensor.  Lucy- Today I helped attach another wheel on the robot to hopefully help it get over the crater. Cavri- Today I uploaded the video of our first competition to the school web page.  Josh- I constructed the lander and I went to the Ag building to look for some nuts and bolts because AndyMark did not send us enough.  Alicia- I worked on notebook entries and made our flag pole holder. 
Posted by Julia.dry  On Nov 28, 2018 at 5:27 PM
Recent Posts
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