AP Physics B (AP Physics II (B)-3043)

The AP Physics B course is a college-level physics course.  Per the AP Collegeboard, the student must have a solid background of algebra and trigonometry.  AP Physics B provides a foundation in physics for students majoring in the life sciences, pre-med, pre-vet, and some applied sciences.  Credit for the AP Physics B course via the exam provides the student an opportunity to have an accelerated college program or meet a basic science requirement, but does not provide the student with credit for a physics lab course in college.  Maintenance of a lab journal in this AP Physics course is crucial and may be presented by the student to a college as supporting evidence of completing a college lab requirement.  For students planning to specialize in a physical science or in engineering, most colleges require an introductory physics sequence including AP Physics C (calculus based). This course culminates in the AP Physics B exam administered by the AP Collegeboard in May, or in a course test of equal caliber.


4/22 & 24: Science Olympiad Sessions 3:30 to 6:00 pm
5/2&3: Science Olympiad State Tournament at Texas A&M in College Station
5/12 at noon: Collegeboard AP Physics B exam

Mrs. Mann is recovering from another knee surgery and will be on an antibiotic treatment program for six weeks.  She's not to stand for long periods of time, but will come in to prep and assist as she is able.  Without the support of friends, family, students, and the community, keeping physics and Science Olympiad team rolling would not be possible.  THANK YOU!

Permission slips and liability waivers went home with the Science Olympiad state-bound team members.  They need to be signed and returned.                                                                     
 Earn a "FREE" 100 every week!  Students in Mrs. Mann's physics classes may bring an article off the internet, a newscast summary, or magazine article about some of the latest developments in research and discovery; summarize it to the class, and earn a minor daily grade of 100 every week.  Students who do not participate won't be penalized. (TEKS 3B)

Science Department testing days:  Monday and Wednesday -- other days as requested by the teacher and approved by the principal 


AP Physics B 2013 Summer Assignment
Due first day of school; quiz during 1st week
How Algorithms Shape Our World
An enlightening discussion on TED Talks
Mrs. Mann's YouTUBE
Class videos, animations, etc.
Physics book student weblink
Simulations, solutions, etc.
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Monday, April 21 

Class Event Ch. 29 - quantum effects
WileyPLUS and MC/FR assigned

Tuesday, April 22 

Class Event More quantum

Wednesday, April 23 

Class Event Ch. 30 - Atomic physics:Compton Effect & deBroglie wavelength

Thursday, April 24 

Class Event Rutherford scattering and line spectrum

Friday, April 25 

Project Hydrogen atomic spectra analysis lab

Monday, April 28 

Class Event Strong force and mass defect

Tuesday, April 29 

Class Event Radioactivity & neutrinos

Wednesday, April 30 

Assessment Open note test on Quantum & Atomic Physics
WileyPLUS (29-32) and Quantum MC/FR due

Thursday, May 1 

Class Event Go over test - get practice AP test

Friday, May 2 

Class Event Kinematics I Review

Monday, May 5 

Class Event Kinematics II review

Tuesday, May 6 

Class Event Fluids & Thermodynamics review

Wednesday, May 7 

Class Event Optics Review

Thursday, May 8 

Class Event Atomic and Quantum review

Friday, May 9 

Class Event Teacher out for son's graduation from college
general AP test taking tips and guidelines; practice test

Monday, May 12 

Exam Collegeboard AP Physics B test - noon to 4:00 pm

Tuesday, May 13 

Class Event Stephen Hawking video

Taught By

Phone: 979-865-3681
Room: 114/PT Lab 118/AP Lab 112
Office Hrs: 7:00 am to 5:00 pm most days Conference: 1st period @ 8:00 am

Class Profile

Subject: Science
Room: 114 lecture/112 lab
Grade(s): 12
Schedule: 5th period