World History

1st Six Weeks:
Course Introduction, Human Origins, Neolithic Revolution and Civilizations
Neolithic Revolution and Civilizations
River Valley Civilizations (Sumeria, Egypt, Mohenjo-Daro & Harappa)
Ancient India, Hinduism, Buddhism
The Age of Empires (Egyptian, Assyrian, Persia & China)
Classical Greece

​2nd Six Weeks:
Classical Greece
Ancient Rome
India & China Empires
African Civilizations
The Americas

3rd Six Weeks:
The Muslim World
Byzantines, Russians & Turks Interact
Empires in East Asia
European Middle Ages

4th Six Weeks:
The Formation of Western Europe
Societies and Empires of Africa
People and Empires in the Americas
Renaissance & Reformation
An Age of Exploration & Isolation
The Atlantic World

5th Six Weeks:
Absolute Monarchs in Europe
Enlightenment and Revolution
French Revolution & Napoleon
Latin American Independence
Industrial Revolution
An Age of Democracy and Progress
The Great War

​6th Six Weeks:
​Revolution and Nationalism
Great Depression
World War II
Cold War
Struggles for Democracy
Global Interdependence