To All Parents and Students:

This will be an awesome year for you in art.  I am glad you wanted to take this course.  We will discover the basic elements and principles of art through creation, production, study of history, aesthetics, and criticism in all levels of art. Art is a rigorous course where attendance, active participation, acquisition of skill, and creativity are all required for success.

In art there will be opportunities to focus on at least two or more different media with emphasis on various materials or styles within: drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and ceramics. .

        There are four content strands for a well-rounded art education, they are:  Perception, Expression, Historical, and Evaluation. In art, students rely on their perceptions of the environment, developed through increasing visual awareness and sensitivity to surroundings, memory, imagination, and life experiences, as a source for creating artworks.

Art students express their thoughts and ideas creatively, while challenging their imaginations fostering reflective thinking, and developing disciplined effort and problem-solving skills. By analyzing artistic styles and historical periods, students develop respect for the traditions and contributions of diverse cultures. Students respond to and analyze artworks, thus contributing to the development of lifelong skills of making informed judgments and evaluations.*

For you to be able to fulfill the course requirements, you will be expected to create and/or study:

Various projects

A Sketchbook



Tests/ final exam/portfolio

       Artist Statements

Grades are based upon participation, following the requirements for each project, craftsmanship, that is, doing as neat a job as possible (taking pride in your work), and of course, creativity.


If your grade is lower than a 90 it is because you did not follow the requirements for the project in a proper fashion, for example, signing your work in the way prescribed for that particular project.

 Please note: missing just one project can cause a very low grade!   

Class expectations follow the Discipline Management Plan and the Art Safety Rules, please sign and return the safety rules to me as soon as possible.

Supplies: provided as needed.  I am looking forward to a very exciting and rewarding year with you!  If you have any questions, feel free to call or contact me via e-mail.  

Sincerely, Mrs. Smith

                                                    * Davis Publications Inc., TEA.