AP Physics
AP Physics Summer Assignment 2019-2020

Six Weeks at a Glance for First Semester
***All dates are tentative and subject to change.***

1st 6 Week of 2019-2020

Week 1: Introductions, Lab Safety/ Notebook set-up, Motion in One Dimension
AP Summer Assignment will be the first test grade of the six weeks
Week 2: Constant Velocity, 
Reference Frames & Relative v
‚ÄčWeek 3: Constant Acceleration, Free-Fall, and Graphs of Motion
Test over One Dimensional Motion on Wednesday, September 12th
Week 4: Motion in Two Dimensions: Vectors and Projectile Motion
Week 5: Relative Velocity (2D) and Review for Test 
Week 6: Review and Start Forces (Half) -Newton’s Laws and Types of Forces
Test over Two Dimensional Motion on Tuesday, October 2th

2nd 6 Week of 2019-2020

Week 7: Newton's Laws, Free-Body Diagrams and Linear Forces
Week 8: Newton's Second Law and Gravitational Field 
Project Due Tuesday, October 16th
Week 9: Forces at an Angle and Friction
Week 10: Forces on a Ramp and Pulleys/Tension and Friction
Test over Dynamics at an Angle on Thursday, November 8th 
Week 11: Universal Gravitation and Kepler's Laws

3rd 6 Weeks of 2019-2020

Week 12: Centripetal Force and Acceleration
Week 13: Thanksgiving Week
Week 14: Center of Mass
Test over Circular Motion and Gravitation on Friday, November 30th
Week 15: Rotational Inertia
Week 16: Torque
Week 17: Test on Rotational Motion on Tuesday, December 18th and then Finals

There will be a project due Thursday, January 10th, 2019 when we return from Christmas Break.