Latin Class

Mihi nomen est

Magister Comer

<Sum magister Latinae; et sum de Virginia.  Linguam Latinam amo.>

Syllabus for Latin 1

Magister J. Comer

Conference:5th Period 12:30-1:25


  1. The purpose of this class is to learn the basics of Latin in order to understand not only the ancient Greco-Roman world, but to understand and better ourselves.
  2. Daily Materials
    • Two notebooks/libelli
      1. Do Nows/Campanarii
      2. Notes/Notae
    • Pencil or Pen/stylus
    • Textbook. We will use the Cambridge Latin Course and supplement it with Latin for the New Millennium.  It is useful to own A Student’s Latin Grammar;  this book is available on Amazon and so on.
  1. Course Assignments
    • Vocabulary
    • Grammar
    • Translation
    • Quizzes and tests
    • Projects
    • Cultural Activities
    • Mythology and History



  1. Attendance
    • Due to the nature of this class it is vital to be present every day.
    • If you are absent it is your responsibility to find out what you have missed.  
    • Get missed work turned in as soon as possible.  
    • When absence is unavoidable and quizzes or tests are missed, students will take them upon return.
    • You are tardy if you are not sitting in your desk when the tardy bell rings.  
  1. Grading
    • Tests and Quizzes count 25%
    • Daily work including translation counts 25%
    • Projects count 25%
    • Activities count as 25% of the grade, which includes all classroom activities not covered otherwise.
    • All students SHALL be permitted a reasonable opportunity to redo an assignment or retake a test for which the student initially received a failing grade.  Normally a student may simply ask Magister Comer for an appropriate time.
  1. For a daily grade, you must submit/retake the new assignment within two school days after receiving the failing grade.
  2. For a major grade, you must submit/retake the new test within two school days after receiving the failing grade.
  3. The student will receive a maximum grade of 70 on any redone work.
    • If the assignment is not turned in on the due date, the student will receive a zero in the gradebook.  If the student chooses to turn the assignment in late the highest grade the student can receive is a 70.
  1. Conduct Affirmations
    • I am a Brahma!
    • I follow all rules of conduct as established by the Bellville ISD handbook and those rules apply in my class.
    • I use my cell phone before or after class, or during assigned activities when the teacher asks me to.
    • I am courteous to me and everyone else in the class at all times.  All have a right to their thoughts and opinions. However, I base my opinions on fact!
    • I respect others’ property.
    • I stay in my seat until the bell rings and I dismiss you.
    • I can bring water to class but I don’t eat or drink in the class except during food activities.
    • I am honest and never present others’ words or ideas as my own, especially when translating.
    • I practice temperance, fortitude, prudence and justice.
  1. Individual Help
    • Help is available before and after school.  Tues’torials are after school on Tuesday afternoons each week.  Help is available then for students who need it.  Magister Comer may be available at other times if needed.

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