Google Classroom
Google Site Link:

My google classroom will be run all year not only for my online learners, but also as a resource and mirror to what is being done in the classroom.  Here is where you can obtain copies of notes, assignments, how-to videos, and other important information.  This will be great for those who are absent, need extra copies, need extra resources, or for parents choosing to stay updated with classroom content. 

E-mail me for the class code for YOUR class period. Use your SCHOOL ISSUED e-mail address to sign in.  All should be well!

Algebra Class codes: (See teacher)

1st period:   5th period:  

2nd period: 7th period: 
3rd period:  8th period:

If you're unsure how to do this, below are some easy step-by-step instructions on how to join in.

1) In google, click on the "waffle" in the top right corner of your account.
2) Click on classrooms
3) Click on the + sign in top right corner
4) Click on Join class
5) Type in the class code (the one for your class period), then join
6) In the top middle of the screen, click on classwork.”