Class Overviews
 Advertising and Sales


1st Six Weeks

            What Is Advertising?

            Consumer Behavior

            The Basics of Marketing

            Product and Price Planning

            Distribution Planning

2nd Six Weeks

            Promotion Planning

            Advertising Media

            Effective Advertising and Sales Promotion

            Communicating Effective Advertising and Promotional Messages

            Management of Effective Advertising

3rd Six Weeks

            Consumer-Oriented Advertising and Sales Promotion

            The Economics of Advertising

            Legal and Ethical Issues Affecting Advertising

            Advertising in a Multicultural Market

            Planning Your Future in Advertising

Retail Etail


1st Six Weeks

            Retail - Etail Businesses and Customers

            The Business Environment

            Create a Strategic Plan

2nd Six Weeks

            Economics in Retail – Etail

            Retail Location and Design

            Etail Design

3rd Six Weeks

            Financial Planning

            Advertising and Promotion

            Human Resources

            Legal and Regulatory Compliance


Sports and Entertainment Marketing


4th Six Weeks

What is Sports and Entertainment Marketing?

Sports and Entertainment Means Business

The Wide World of Sports and Entertainment

Hit a Home Run with Customers

Marketing-Information Management

5th Six Weeks

The Marketing Game Plan

The Product is Sports and Entertainment

Choose the Channel

The Economics of Supply and Demand

Sports and Entertainment Promotion

Promotional Planning

6th Six Weeks

Selling Sports and Entertainment

Sports and Entertainment Legal Issues

Creating, Owning, and Operating a Business

Scoring A Career


Human Resources Management


1st Six Weeks

            Understanding Human Relations

2nd Six Weeks

            Customer Focus


3rd Six Weeks

            Organizational Effectiveness

4th Six Weeks

            Interpersonal Communication

5th Six Weeks


6th Six Weeks

            Becoming a High Achiever


Career Preparation


1st Six Weeks

            Understanding Work-Based Learning

            What Your Employer Expects


2nd Six Weeks


            Interview Skills

            Employment Correspondence

3rd Six Weeks

            Pre-employment Testing

            Succeeding on the Job

            Learning about Yourself

4th Six Weeks

  Managing Your Income

            Managing Your Spending

5th Six Weeks

            Understanding Credit

            Banking, Saving, and Investing

6th Six Weeks


            Citizenship Roles