Principles of Education and Training
Principles of Education and Training is designed to introduce learners to the various careers available within the Education and Training Career Cluster. Students use self-knowledge as well as educational and career information to analyze various careers within the Education and Training Career Cluster. Students will develop a graduation plan that leads to a specific career choice in the student's interest area.
This is a Year Course. Students will be working on various projects including helping teachers with bulletin boards and helping to decorate. Students will start a portfolio to use through the entire Education and Training Pathway.
Students will also listen and view interviews from teachers and outside guests who work in the area of Education.

1st 9 weeks

  • Introduction to FCCLA
  • Careers in Teaching and Administration
  • Becoming  a Teacher
  • Early and Modern History of Education in America
  • Schools and Society

2nd 9 weeks

  • Poverty
  • Understanding Human Development
  • Middle Childhood Growth and Development
  • Teen Growth and Development

3rd 9 weeks

  • Teaching Diverse Learners: Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligence
  • Cultural and Language Diversity
  • Finding Individual Strengths
  • Teaching Roles and Professional Qualities
  • Subject Knowledge and Teaching Skills
  • Communicating Effectively and Resolving Conflicts
  • Elements of a Lesson Plan
  • Creating a Lesson Plan

4th 9 weeks
  • Evaluating a Lesson Plan
  • Critical Thinking, Key Instructional Skills, and Teaching Strategies
  • Technology in the Classroom
  • Assessing the Learner; Assessment Tools
  • Classroom Management
  • Next Step to Becoming a Teacher