BEST Robotics
Team #451

This year we will be competing in a virtual robotics competition held by BEST robotics. This will be a first ever event of its kind, so we are excited to be apart of history in the making. This year's game is called Outbreak and it's medical themed. We are excited for this new challenge!


BEST Robotics
Team #451

The 2019-2020 BHS Robotics team participated in the Off the Grid Challenge put on by BEST Robotics. We had 6 weeks to plan/build/create a working robot, put together a brand/company and a large scale display. Much experience was gained from this competition. 


The Juggernauts

FTC Team #14834
2nd Place Rockwell Collins Innovate Award

The 2018-2019 BHS Robotics team participated in the First Tech Challenge put on by FIRST Robotics. The Juggernauts won a second place award for their robot's design and creativity.