Coach Powell's Class

Coach Powell
English III /  Head Boys Soccer / Asst. Football


English III:

Student Supply List:
  1. Binder (with dividers)
  2. Notebook paper
  3. Pencil
  4. Pen


1st 6 Weeks (29 Days)

  • Unit 1: Touring American Literature

  • Native American Literature

  • The Crucible

  • TEKS: E3.1A,  E3.1B,  E3.1C,  E3.1D,  E3.1E,  E3.2A,  E3.2B,  E3.2C,  E3.5A, E3.5B,  E3.5C,  E3.5D,  E3.6A,  E3.7A,  E3.12A,  E3.12D,  E3.13A,  E3.13B,  E3.13C,  E3.13D,  E3.13E,  E3.14A,  E3.15A.i,  E3.15A.ii,  E3.15A.iii, E3.15A.iv,  E3.15A.v,  E3.15C.i,  E3.15C.ii,  E3.15C.iii,  E3.17A,  E3.17B, E3.18A,  E3.19A,  E3.25A,  E3.26A,  E3.Fig19A,  E3.Fig19B

  • Essay Due Dates:

    • 9/15

    • 9/29

2nd 6 Weeks (23 Days)

  • Unit 2A: Conventions in American Poetry

    • Emily Dickinson

    • Walt Whitman

    • The Fireside Poets

    • The Harlem Renaissance

    • The New Poetry

  • TEKS: E3.1A,  E3.1B,  E3.1C,  E3.1D,  E3.2A,  E3.3A,  E3.7A,  E3.13A,  E3.13B, E3.13C,  E3.13D,  E3.14B,  E3.15C.i,  E3.15C.ii,  E3.15C.iii,  E3.Fig19A, E3.Fig19B

  • Unit 2B: Themes in American Drama

    • Edgar Allan Poe

  • TEKS: E3.1A,  E3.1B,  E3.2A,  E3.2B,  E3.2C,  E3.4A,  E3.5A,  E3.5B,  E3.7A, E3.12A,  E3.12D,  E3.13A,  E3.13B,  E3.13C,  E3.13D,  E3.14C,  E3.17A, E3.24A,  E3.24B,  E3.Fig19A,  E3.Fig19B

  • Essay Due Dates:

    • 10/20

    • 10/27

3rd 6 Weeks (25 Days)

  • Unit 3: Evaluating Informational Text

  • TEKS: E3.1A,  E3.1B,  E3.1C,  E3.8A,  E3.9A,  E3.9B,  E3.9C,  E3.9D,  E3.11A,  E3.11B, E3.12A,  E3.12D,  E3.13A,  E3.13B,  E3.13C,  E3.15A.i,  E3.15A.ii,  E3.15A.iii,  E3.15A.iv,  E3.15A.v,,  E3.15C.iv,  E3.17A,  E3.17B,  E3.21B,  E3.21C,  E3.Fig19A,  E3.Fig19B

  • Essay Due Dates:

    • 11/10

    • 11/17


November 27 - First day of practice***

***May change due to football playoffs