Mrs. Smith's Art Class

Art I, II, III, & IV

What is an art education? It is an area of education that provides programs in art production, art history, aesthetics, and art criticism for students in the public schools.

"The more I think about it, the more I realize there is nothing more artistic
than to love others." - Vincent Van Gogh

Class Schedule

1st period-Art III/IV
2nd Period-Art I
3rd Period-Art I
4th Period-Conference
5th Period-Art I
6th Period-Art I
7th Period-Art II & III 
8th Period - Art II & III

1st Semester Syllabus
Art I-IV: Drawing, Painting
2nd Semester Syllabus
Art I-IV: Printmaking, Ceramics/Sculpture

Major Grades: Projects, critiques, quizzes, Art history report
Minor Grades: Sketch book, thumbnails, rough drafts, classwork, class participation

Excelled - A - 90-100
Above Expectations - B - 80-90
Met Expectations - C - 70-80
Below Expectations - D or F - 0-70

Major grades account for 40% and Minor grades account for 60% of the overall total grade.

 Students must research (Artists, Art Movement, or Culture)
to create a thumbnail,  and a rough draft for all major projects. 
For research, students may use classroom textbooks, internet, take and print personal photos, or create a composition by observation.

All  projects must be original, creative and created with skill.

All projects that are submitted for contests must follow contest rules and regulations. 

**Mrs. Smith is also the BHS representative for NAHS or National Art Honor Society**