Rules and Expectations

Instructions and Requirements for Spanish I

 I.   Materials

            A. Three-ring notebook to be used for this class only. (1 1\2”)
            B. 2 one subject spiral (70 sheets)
            C. 3 Dividers (Test, Quizzes, Daily)
            D. Pencil or Pen.
            E. Don’t come to class without these Items. If you have to return to your locker                                   to get any of these items you will be considered tardy.

II. Course Assignments

  1. Daily Work                                        B. Test
    1. Listening activities                            1. True and false
    2. Worksheets                                     2. Multiple choice
    3. Dictations                                        3. Fill in the blank
    4. Quizzes                                           4. Listening and speaking
    5. Speaking activities                            5. Projects
    6. Readings
    7. Translations 

III. Attendance

  1. It is vital to your academic well being in this class that you be present every day, it is extremely difficult to get meaningful notes from someone else.
  2. If you are absent it is your responsibility to find out what you have missed. If you have any questions come and talk to me after class or before school. If you don’t pick up your absent work, you will not be excused from deadlines.
  3. Get missed work turned in as soon as possible. You have two days to turn in your work. After the two days it is considered late. 
  4. Missing a test or a quiz because of an absence. If a student misses a scheduled test he / she will be expected to take the quiz or test the day they get back.
  5. You are tardy if you are not sitting in your desk when the tardy bell rings. If you already have permission from me to go to the restroom before the tardy bell rings you will not be counted tardy.

IV. Grading

  1. Tests count for 50%
  2. Daily work counts for 50%
  3. A student SHALL be permitted a reasonable opportunity to redo an assignment or retake a test for which the student initially received a failing grade.
    1. For a daily grade, the student must submit/retake the new assignment within two school days after receiving the failing grade.
    2. For a Major grade, the student must submit/retake the new test within two school days after receiving the failing grade.
    3. The student will receive a maximum grade of 70 on any redone work.

       D. If homework is not turned in on the due date, the student will receive a zero. The                             student will receive a grade once the assignment has been turned in,  the grade will                     start at a 70 for any late work. 

V. Conduct

        A. I follow all rules of conduct as established by the Bellville ISD handbook and                                     those rules apply in my class.
        B. Cell Phones – Students are not allowed to have their cell phones out during                                   class. There will be a designated place for students to have their phones in at the                             beginning of class; they will be monitored by the teacher during the class period. If a                       student is caught with their cell phone out during class, it will be taken up by the teacher,                 and turned in to the office to be handled according to the district policy. (See school                         handbook for specifics on the policy)

           C. I expect you to be courteous to me and everyone else in this class at all times.                                  Everyone has a right to his/her opinion and thoughts.
           D. You are to respect others’ property.
           E. Writing on the desk is forbidden. I don’t care who you love ---- don’t write it on                                the desk. 
           F.  I am open to suggestions and legitimate complaints I will not tolerate whining.                                 “That’s not fair” Life is not fair; you have to learn to deal with it.
           G. If you are going to be late because of another teacher, I would prefer a note                                     from that teacher rather than a message from another student.
          H. No food or drinks in class.

 Individual Help – Help is available to students before school and at lunch. I get to school at 7:40 in the morning. Please notify me if you are coming in for help to insure I will be here to help you.