Forensic Science Class Page

Forensic Science  2019-20

Mr. Michael Kocian
Google Classroom Forensic Science


Conference: 5th Period 12:30-1:25pm

Room 105
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Class Description:

This course uses a structured and scientific approach to the investigation of crimes and the psychology of criminal behavior.  Students will learn terminology and explore principles of anthropology relevant to forensic science.  Using scientific methods, students will collect and analyze evidence through case studies and simulated crime scenes such as fingerprint analysis, ballistics, and blood spatter analysis.  In addition, students will learn the history, legal aspects, and career options for forensic science.


Class Philosophy:

Be responsible for your own learning, actions, and attitude.


Classroom Rules:       

  1. Be Respectful/Courteous – We are all Brahmas; therefore, we will treat each other in a kind, respectful, and polite manner.


  2. Be Prepared – Students must come to class prepared. Prepared means the student comes to class everyday with supplies, homework, and the correct attitude for learning.


  3. Be Prompt – The student will be in their proper seats when the bell rings. Pencil sharpening, talking to friends, restroom breaks, and other personal business should be completed before the bell rings.Students are tardy if they are not in compliance when the bell rings.


  4. Be Successful – To be successful in this class means to have work completed to the best of one’s ability.Mr. Kocian will not let you settle for substandard work or behavior.Success in class can reflect in outer lives, so let’s prepare for the real world.


  5. Follow All Policies and Procedures of the Student Handbook

and Code of Conduct – Students will be expected to follow all classroom procedures as well as the Bellville HS Student Handbook and the Student Code of Conduct. This include CELL PHONES and TABLETS: “All devices must remain off and put away unless being used within a lesson during class time.”



1st offense:  Verbal Warning and documantation of infraction        

2nd offense:  Conference with Student, documentation, and

                   notification of  behavior to your parent

3rd offense:  Detention

4th offense:    Sent to office 


*Some offenses will require immediate disclosure to Parents and Administrators. At each level, students will be given the opportunity to correct their behavior and continue their education.              



1.  60% -- Major (Tests, Major Labs, Notebooks, & Projects)

2.  30% -- Minor (Minor Labs & Quizzes)

3.  10% -- Minor (Daily/Homework)

   100% -- Total



•1 1” or 1.5” Three-Ring Binder       •Pencils                •20 Dividers        

•Colored Pencils                                •Erasers                •Highlighter

•Pencil Bag                                        •Protractor – One with a hole

•Other items such as Rolls of Paper Towels may be requested later in the year.



  1. It is the student’s responsibility to ask the teacher for make-up work

    and copy any missed notes

  2. Students will be required to turn in make-up work within three days of absence.


Tutoring:   By appointment before school, or after school


Conference Period:     5th period from 12:30 – 1:25pm 


***Students are given many opportunities to succeed.  It is their decision to use these opportunities.  I will do everything to help our students, but if they are not willing help themselves there is only so much I can do. However, I know that if we work together we can make this year and the years to come successful for the students. Let’s have an awesome year!!




“Success is the Maximum utilization of the ability that you have.”

-Zig Ziglar