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Principles of Technology


Mr. Michael Kocian
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Conference: 5th Period 12:30-1:25 pm

Room 105

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Course Overview:

In this course, students conduct laboratory and field investigations, use scientific methods during investigations and make informed decisions using critical thinking and problem solving. Various systems will be described in terms of space, time, energy and matter. Students will study a variety of topics that include laws of motion, conservation of energy, momentum, electricity, magnetism, thermodynamics and characteristics and behaviors of waves. Students will apply physics concepts and perform laboratory experiments for a least 40% of the instructional time.

Students will learn to

develop an appreciation of the significance of technology for life, society and the environment 

• use knowledge, skills and techniques to create products/solutions of appropriate quality

• develop problemsolving, critical- and creativethinking skills through the application of the design cycle   

• develop respect for others’ viewpoints and appreciate alternative solutions to problems

• use and apply information and communication technology (ICT) effectively as a means to access, process and communicate information, and to solve problems.

Materials: Please place your names on these prior to class
  • 1” - binder
  • Standard size, loose leaf notebook paper
  • Pencils with erasers


Laboratory experimentation and exploration are a large part of this course.  It is vital that the students follow all laboratory procedures and safety rules/guidelines. Failure to comply with behavior expectations can result in removal from the lab activities.  A safety contract will be sent home and filled out by the student and the parent/guardian. These documents will be kept on file and are needed before a student can participate in any labs.

Grading Policy:

  • Major TEST, Major Labs/Reports, Major Projects: 60%
  • Quizzes, Minor Labs, Group activities: 30%
  • Daily, Homework, Worksheets: 10%

 Based on BISD’s grading policy, a student shall be permitted a reasonable opportunity to be retaught an assignment or retake a test for which the student received a failing grade with a maximum grade of a 70.   This reteach/retake will be given in the mornings between 7:40 and 7:55 or 3:30-3:45 unless otherwise specified.  This will occur within two school days after receiving the failing grade. 

Class expectations
Classroom Rules:       

  1. Be Respectful/Courteous – We are all Brahmas; therefore, we will treat each other in a kind, respectful, and polite manner. 
  2. Be Prepared – Students must come to class prepared. Prepared means the student comes to class everyday with supplies, homework, and the correct attitude for learning. 
  3. Be Prompt – The student will be in their proper seats when the bell rings. Pencil sharpening, talking to friends, restroom breaks, and other personal business should be completed before the bell rings.Students are tardy if they are not in compliance when the bell rings. 
  4. Be Successful – To be successful in this class means to have work completed to the best of one’s ability.Mr. Kocian will not let you settle for substandard work or behavior.Success in class can reflect in outer lives, so let’s prepare for the real world. 
  5. Follow All Policies and Procedures of the Student Handbook and Code of Conduct – Students will be expected to follow all classroom procedures as well as the Bellville HS Student Handbook and the Student Code of Conduct. This include CELL PHONES and TABLETS: “All devices must remain off and put away unless being used within a lesson during class time.”



  1st offense:       Verbal Warning and documentation of infraction 

  2nd offense:      Conference with Student, documentation, and notification of  behavior to your parent

 3rd offense:         Detention

  4th offense:         Sent to office 

 *Some offenses will require immediate disclosure to Parents and Administrators. At each level, students will be given the opportunity to correct their behavior and continue their education. 

Final Exam

Students will be administered final exams during both fall and spring semesters.  The exams will count 1/7 of the student’s semester grade and will be administered during the final week of the semester. Per BHS guidelines, a student may be exempted from the exam if qualifications are met.  (see handbook)

Principles of Technology

Year at a Glance 2018-19

1st 6 weeks

    • Rules

    • Safety

    • Metric Conversion

      • Research

      • Poster

      • Worksheets

      • Test

    • Accuracy/Precision

      • Playing Darts!

      • Notes

      • Worksheets

      • Labs

    • Significant digits

      • Application to Darts Game above

      • Notes

      • Worksheets

      • Lab

    • Scientific notation

      • Notes

      • Worksheet

    • Unit TEST

    • Measuring Distance/Displacements

      • Notes

      • Student creates a maze on graph paper.

        • Measure distance/displacement on a maze activity

      • Distance and Displacement Lab (outside)

2nd 6 weeks

    • Speed vs Velocity

      • Notes

      • Worksheets

      • Calculating speed labs with marbles/ramps

      • Calculating velocity with batter powered vehicles

      • Measuring average velocity with different modes of transportation

  • TEST - project

    • Calculating distance, displacement, speed and velocity

on a vacation trip across the USA

  • Acceleration

    • Application to velocity and distance notes

    • Comparison to velocity, speed

    • Worksheets

    • Labs

    • Acceleration of egg attached to parachute project 3-5 days

      • Comparison of acceleration w/o parachute

3rd 6 weeks

  • Physicist / employment

    • Word search

    • research

    • Creating poster

  • Newton’s first law of motion

    • Demo…students popping plate out without moving egg

    • Notes – ppt

    • Video of car crashes showing how driver vs seat belts

    • Inertia Lab

    • Inertia Project

      • Crash TEST – 3-5 days

        • Build a car that carries egg down a ramp/crash

    • Test over 1st law of motion

  • Newton’s 2nd law of motion

    • ppt fill in the blank notes

    • Videos of 2nd law of motion

    • Force vs mass lab

    • Force vs friction on surface lab

    • Force vs acceleration lab

      • Project – egg mobile

        • Bldg geodesic vehicle – 5 days

              • Testing geodesic vehicle – 2 days  

  • Newton’s 3rd law of motion

    • ppt fill in the blank notes

    • Videos of 3rd law of motion

    • Lab activities

      • Aerodynamics of kites

        • Notes – discussion of lift

        • Videos

        • Library research

        • Building 3-5 days

        • Testing for lift on kite 2 days  

4th 6 weeks

  • Application of Mousetrap car to Newton’s Laws

      • Research Mousetrap cars

      • Build mousetrap cars ( 5 days)

      • Test for:

          • Fastest Velocity at 6 meters

          • Greatest distance 10 +

          • Apply to 3 laws of motion

  • Momentum Unit

    • ppt notes

    • Worksheets

    • Lab activities

      • Conservation of Momentum

          • Apply to 3 laws of motion

  • Horizontal Projectile

    • Discussion of examples

        • Videos showing examples

        • Worksheets using formula

    • Marble Launcher Lab

        • Data collecting

        • Graphing

        • Analyzing

    • Project Trebuchet

        • Researching (library)

        • Building from Popsicle sticks 3-5 days

        • Testing distance projectile thrown

        • Re-design (manipulating variables)

        • Testing again

  • Kinetic/Potential Energy

        • Notes

        • Videos

        • Worksheets

        • Lab Activities

          • Project Roller Coaster

            • Measuring mass, velocity height

5th six weeks

    • Circular Motion

          • Notes

          • Videos

          • Worksheets

          • Labs

    • Aerodynamic of planes

      • Discussion of lift and thrust

        • Notes

        • Videos

      • Glider planes

        • Manila folder

          • Research, architect drawing

          • Make and test and manipulate variables

        • Balsa wood glider from manila

          • Testing Balsa Wood Glider Plane (test grade)

6th 6 weeks

  • Torque-Equilibrium unit

    • Notes

    • Worksheets

    • Torque activity on 1 tier

    • Torque activity on 2 tier

    • Torque activity on 3 tier

    • Torque project Mobile (TEST grade)

      • 3 days bldg.

  • Thermodynamics

    • Notes

    • Worksheet

    • Ice to water lab…measuring temps using Vernier

      • Data collecting

      • Graphing

      • Analyzing

    • Homemade ice-cream lab

      • Notes

      • Worksheet

      • Collecting data

      • Analyzing

  • Force vs compression tension torque of bridges

      • Library rsch

      • Building 3 cubes to test strength

        • Collect data

        • Analyzing

      • Architecture drawing of bridge to build based on cube lab/library rsch

      • 3-5 days to build bridge

      • Testing efficiency of Bridge for compression, tension, torque