Berger- Chemistry

Teacher- Coach Berger                                    

Supplies-   3 Subject Spiral Notebook for Interactive Notebook
                  (1 subject can be used, but will
 need one for each semester)


                   Pen and Pencil


Optional Supplies- Colored Pencils


                                 Index Cards       


Class Expectations-  Students are expected to respect others, school property, and school policies.

                                  Students are expected to take responsibility for themselves, and their actions.

                                   Students are expected to maintain a positive attitude in the classroom.


Students are expected to be on time, and to have all supplies in class every day.


Grades-  All grades will be averaged on the following scale:




Major 60%

Tests, Major Lab Reports, Projects

Lab 30%

Quizzes, Minor Labs, Bell Ringers

Daily 10%

Homework, Daily Grades


*If homework is not turned in on the due date, the student will receive a ZERO. The student will receive a grade when the assignment is turned in, and 10 points for each day late will be deducted from that grade.


*If the student receives a failing grade on any assignment, the student may retake the assignment/test for a maximum grade of 70%, but it must be done within 2 school days after receiving the failing grade. Students must schedule a time before or after school with the teacher.



Cell Phones- Students are not allowed to have their cell phones out during class. There will be a designated place for students to turn their phones in at the beginning of class; they will be monitored by the teacher during the class period. If a student is caught with their cell phone out during class, it will be taken up by the teacher, and turn in to the office to be handled according to district policy. (see school handbook for specifics on this policy)


Absences- When a student is absent, he/she will be expected to turn in assignments or take a scheduled test when they return, if that assignment or test was given prior to the students’ absence. Notify the teacher if there are any extenuating circumstances.

It is the responsibility of the student to get any missed assignments or work the day they return from an absence.


Individual Help-  Help is available to students before or after school. Please notify the teacher if you are coming in early to insure their presence.


Remind 101-        Remind is a great way for teachers to communicate with classes, and with students to directly contact the teacher if needed. Students will be given instructions on how to join the class using their cell phones. All communications will be just like a text message, but no phone numbers will be shared, it will all be through the Remind 101 program.


Finals:                  We will be having comprehensive finals during the fall and spring semesters this year. Finals will count as 1/7 of the student’s semester grades. Final schedules and exemption policy will be determined by the school, and will be announced as soon as they are known.




Interactive Student Notebook (ISN) Guidelines-

Berger- Chemistry

The purpose of the interactive notebook is to:

  • Involve students in “making sense” of their learning in unique and creative ways.
  • Teach students “approaches to learning” that will prepare them for success in all areas of school!
  • Help students with organization skills.

Materials Needed:

  • 1- 3 subject spiral notebook- College ruled is recommended
  • Pencils/Pens
  • Elmer’s Glue-All
  • Colored Pencils/Markers- optional (classroom set is available)

Notebook Organization:

Left is for Output                                                  Right is for Input

Reflections on what is learned,                                  Teacher guided. Contains “testable”

Teacher directed questioning,                                    information. Notes, or handouts.

Strategies to help students

understand input information.


The notebook will be explained, modeled, and set up in class. Here are some universal tips/reminders that students should find helpful.

Notebook must be brought to class every day!

Pages must be numbered correctly and assignments must be completed on the correct page.

Use pencil to write all text and initial sketches. This allows you to erase mistakes. Do not use pen or colored pencils to write text or for initial text.

Use color-  The notebook is a visual study tool! Color should be meaningful; helping to organize and illustrate your notes.

What if I am absent?

If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to obtain notebook assignments from either a notebook buddy or the teacher. There will be a teacher notebook that you can refer to for missing assignments and activities as well as a running Table of Contents Chart in the classroom. ALWAYS check the Table of Contents for new assignments and see the Teacher Notebook for instructions missed in class. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to let the teacher know when an absent, and missed assignment is completed in order to earn a stamp/grade for that assignment.


How will it be possible for me to earn an “A” on my notebook?

A student who expects to earn an “A” on their notebook will be one who has taken PRIDE in their notebook and completed all necessary assignments when they were due, kept Table of Contents current with due dates, and numbered their pages as instructed. It will need to be NEAT and COMPLETE!


What if I lose my Interactive Notebook??

            DO NOT LOSE YOUR NOTEBOOK! IF the unforeseen happens and your notebook is lost you must either purchase another notebook outside of class or bring $2.00 for a replacement from your teacher. DO NOT WAIT- replacement should be immediate! Your 6-weeks grade average depends on turning youR ISN in on the due date for a test/project grade. 90% of all work done in this class will be done in the ISN. Take care of it and be responsible for keeping up with it.



Notebook Grading:

ISNs will be checked often. Quick checks will be made weekly while students are working on other assignments. These checks will focus on a particular assignment that will be graded as a daily grade. ISNs will be collected at the end of each six weeks. Collections will be announced several days prior to the collection period. During these collections all parts of the ISNs will be considered for grading purposes. These grades will be counted as a major test/project grade.

The following is an example of the rubric I will use for grading:

Notebook Evaluation Sheet: ________ Six Weeks

Student Score

Teacher Score

Total Score

Scoring 1-10







Not accomplished

Very little effort

Some effort

Adequate effort

Superior effort


Quality and Completeness (50 points):

  • All assignments are complete and of high quality, even on days where you were absent.
  • Late assignments are complete
  • All handouts are in the notebook; no blank pages (i.e. missing work)






___/ 10



X 5=_____

Neatness and Organization (30 points):

  • All pages are numbered; table of contents in complete and up-to-date.
  • All assignments are in the right order
  • All assignments have appropriate dates and titles
  • Handouts are placed NEATLY in the notebook:
    • No overhanging edges (oversized handouts are folded)
    • Glue or staples used appropriately
    • Pages are not falling off the notebook




___/ 10




___/ 10




X 3= ____

Visual Appearance and Creativity (20 points):

  • Title page is complete and includes required elements
  • Processing assignments and title page show creativity and effort in their execution
  • Drawings and other visual elements are attractive and neat
  • Color is used effectively throughout the notebook



___/ 10



___/ 10



X 2= ____

Teacher Comments:



Final Score






Students and Parents please sign this form saying that you have read and understood the guidelines for this class, and for the Interactive Student Notebook. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.



Student Name:________________________________   Class Period:_________


Student Signature:__________________________________      Date:_________


Parent/Guardian Signature:_____________________________ Date:__________


Parent/Guardian e-mail ___________________________________


Parent/ Guardian phone number (best way to be contacted, please include name and relationship to student): ___________________________