AP Chemistry
Summer Assignment 2018
This summer assignment is meant to be a review over the topics we covered in your first year chemistry class.  The due date for this assignment is Friday, August 31st.  This review will take you 2-4 hours to complete.  It is critical that the review is completed on time.  I will not spend time in class going over the items covered in the review.  I will post screencasts over the 3 sets of notes that were given as part of the assignment (see below for links to the notes in the event that you lost yours).  Please complete the notes prior to the first week of school.  The notes are also a review from last year.  

Notes for summer assignment:
Chemical Foundations Atoms Molecules Ions Stoichiometry

Google Classroom:  You need to join my AP Chemistry 2018-2019 Google Classroom.  The class code is:  dpw4cc5  This is where all the screencasts will be uploaded throughout the year.