Mrs. White's Class


<Karen White>


Welcome to a brand new school year.  I'm blessed to have each and every one of you in my class whether it is virtual or in person.  My goal is to have you engaged in BIOLOGY through different activities so you can bel more successful. Because of many unknowns, it will be very important to form a link between students, parents and myself.  The best link is through communication.  Welcome to OUR class.  

email:  kwhite@bellvillebrahmas.ort
office:  979-865-3681


Flex time - Homeroom
1st period - PreAP Bioloy
2nd period - PreAP Biology
3rd period -Conference For Red Day
4th period - PreAP Biology
5th period - PreAP Biology
6th period - Regular Biology
7th period - Regular Biology
8th period -Conference for White Day