BHS Parent Volunteers

BHS Parent Volunteers

The Parent Volunteer program at BHS is designed to increase parent and community involvement in the school.  The presence of parents can only enhance the importance of learning.  Whether you can help once a week or once a year, your time is valuable to the teachers, staff and students.  The need for parent volunteers is always there.  What better time to let young adults know how important it is to use a valuable resource as volunteers.

If you are interested in volunteering, please email Mary Wright.   


Here is a list of programs you can help with;

One Act Play Directors Meeting 
Around the end of August or the first part of September, the Directors from the district/area meet to do the planning for the One Act Play series.  A coordinator is needed to set up a luncheon while they work.  It is usually approximately 10-12 people (Sandwiches, chips, tea, and a dessert).

Senior Spotlight 
All the Seniors will be provided a form to be completed with information about themselves (hobbies, etc.).  Pictures are taken of all the Seniors and displayed on the bulletin each week along with any clippings from articles written in the Bellville Times, Hoof Beat, etc.  Every Senior who turns in a form will be represented.  You should see the students gather around this board each time a new group of pictures/forms go up.  Digital camera would be helpful but not necessary.

Breakfast of Champions 
This program begins at 7:30 a.m. at the end of every six weeks and has been very successful.  The teachers/staff invite students who have for one reason or another given 200% attitude, grades, struggles, or just showing they are really trying.  Whatever the reason the teacher/staff feels this student deserves special recognition.  It's just a way to give an extra "pat on the back" for the students.  The program involves a lot of telephone calling to other parents requesting food (to be delivered before 7:30 a.m.), setting up the food, and clean up.  On the average there are approximately 50-60 students who participate each six weeks out of sometimes 80+ that are invited. 

PATS (Parents Appreciate Teacher & Staff)
Every 6 weeks, we try to have a snack/luncheon for the teachers and staff.  This involves a lot of phone calling to solicit food, set up and clean up.  The smiles on the faces of the teachers and staff will warm your heart.  This in one way we can let out teachers/staff know how much we appreciate them. (Cash donations welcomed!)

Academic Excellence Banquet (May) 
This banquet is given each year for those students who excelled during the year (90+ in all subjects) and other special academic awards.  This includes making complete arrangements for a meal, getting the names of the students, sending out and receiving back invitations, set up, clean up, etc.  This is a very important banquet.