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Student Responsibilities & Regulations For

Participation & Enrollment in Career Preparation



Purpose of Career Preparation


The primary purpose of career preparation is to provide students with opportunities for obtaining experience and developing vocational skills related to careers through on-the-job training at businesses and industries working in cooperation with vocational programs in the school.  In addition to skill development, considerable emphasis is placed on the development of good work habits, responsibility, character, and leadership.


While it is expected and desired that the trainees shall earn wages equivalent to regular employees with equal experience performing identical work, the main reason for existence of the various Career Preparation programs is for career preparation – not just providing part-time jobs for students who need or wish to work rather than attending conventional classes.


Only students who are willing to exhibit the maturity and responsibility required in order to benefit educationally from a career preparation training program should participate in such a program.



Grading and Credits


Students must be at least a Junior, 16 years of age on or before September 1, and have earned 12 credits by the end of the sophomore year.  Students should work a minimum of 15 hours weekly on a regularly scheduled basis.


Students are placed on the job to receive vocational training and subject knowledge; therefore, the student will be afforded counsel, guidance, and supervision jointly by the employer and the teacher-coordinator.  Adjustment to the world of work is a must.


All Bellville Independent School District policies concerning student grooming and behavior will be enforced while the student is on the job, at school, and/or attending program functions.


Parents of Career Preparation students will consider this a permission grant to take part in all program activities as well as permission to leave school during class time to participate in these activities.


Students should maintain passing grades in all subjects with no failures.  The principal, with the coordinator, will have the authority to remove the student from the program because of failing grades.





Better than average attendance is expected of all Career Preparation students.  If for any reason you are unable to report to your training station or will arrive late, you must call your employer before 8:30 a.m. the day of your absence (earlier for morning workers).  You must also notify the teacher-coordinator before 8:30 a.m. the day of your absence, regardless of whether it is a workday.  Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.


Attendance at work when absent from school, without prior approval by the teacher-coordinator, is TRUANCY and may result in removal from the Career Preparation learning program.  The importance of this requirement cannot be overemphasized.


Excessive absenteeism from school and/or work constitutes reason for probation or withdrawal from the Career Preparation program without credit.  To receive a complete grade, the student must be in attendance a minimum of 175 days.





Any misconduct while at a training station becomes a disciplinary matter of school policy during the school year.  Any student sent to the principal for disciplinary reasons and/or to IBS repeatedly will be permanently dropped from the program.  Also, if dropped from any class for disciplinary reasons the student will be removed from the Career Preparation program as well.


Career Preparation students assigned to IBS will not be excused to report to their training station until after seventh period unless special approval is granted by the teacher-coordinator and principal.  The student-trainee will lose vocational credits if charged with a felony.  Drug or DWI charges will be cause for suspension.  Charges of misdemeanors will be left to the employer’s discretion.  Engagement in any subversive action of fights will be left to the school administration and your employer for judgment as to the effect on the training station.


Good conduct in the classroom is expected at all times.  Any repeated disciplinary action in the classroom will be grounds for suspension from the program.


Students dismissed from their training stations for violations of company policy, theft, insubordination, improper attitude, or other serious violations that may reflect on the reputation of the program will be subject to removal from the Career Preparation program and RECEIVE A FAILING GRADE.



Training Station


  1. Students must not linger on campus when dismissed from school to report to training stations.


  2. Students, parents, and/or guardians will be held responsible for transportation arrangements and will be held totally liable for any accident while in route to and from training stations.You are expected to obey all laws, especially traffic laws.


  3. Students must not quit their jobs or inform their employers that they are leaving without first discussing and obtaining the coordinator’s approval.


  4. Parents should understand the student’s responsibility to the training station (an extension of the Career Preparation classroom) and should not take the student from work for visits, vacations, etc.


  5. Parents should consult with the coordinator rather that the employer concerning training station difficulties.


  6. Personal telephone calls while on the job are to be avoided; emergency calls are considered the only exception.


  7. Visiting students on their jobs by family or friends should be avoided; especially boyfriends and girlfriends.




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