PreAP Physics

9 Weeks at a Glance
***All dates are tentative and subject to change.***

1st 9 Week of 2022-2023

Week 1: Introductions, Lab Safety/ Notebook setup, Intro to Physics & Math in Science
Week 2: Motion in 1-D - Constant Velocity, 
Reference Frames & Relative v
Week 3: Distance and Velocity Graphs
Test over Velocity-&Intro to Project
Week 4: Kinematic Equations/Acceleration & Graphs
Week 5: Freefall & Graphs
Week 6: Review and Test over Acceleration & 1-D Motion
Week 7: 
Motion in Two Dimensions: Vectors and Projectile Motion
Week 8: Project Due - week of Fair
Week 9: Kinematics and Projectiles