Grading Period at a glance


Week 1

Introduction To automotive Technology
Pre Test 
Begin Safety Training

Week 2
Complete Safety Training 
Safety Test
All Students must score 100 on the safety test to move to the next lesson

Week 3
Career Search
Students will identify different careers, and discuss required skills and knowledge to obtain employment in those fields. 
Discuss Pay scale and benefits
Present job to the class

Week 4 
Identify steering components and their functions
Identify cause of failure for steering components, and proper test procedures
Rebuild rack and pinion and recirculating ball steering gears

Week 5 
Discuss Electrical Diagnostics and Ohms Law
Practice using electrical meter to diagnose circuits
Perform Diagnostics on Components and Vehicles
Electrical Test

Week 6 
Practice diagnosing and repairing electrical Circuits on Tractors
Prepare for Tractor Tech Contest at the Fair