Coach Holcomb's Class
If you have not received and email from me regarding google classroom, then using the following code to access my US History google classroom.  There will be continued learning opportunities sent out each week.

US History Classroom:   fb7ixng

My email is if you have any questions

My class will cover the history of the United States since 1877.  This class is also a STAAR subject, so your student will be taking a STAAR test in the spring.  We will be working on some extra things during the year to prepare your student for this test.

In the "Useful Links" section you will find an At a Glance document for each six weeks.  This document will give you and idea of what we are covering in class and when the exams will be.  The document is not "set in stone" but I will try very hard to keep to it.

The class syllabus is also the Useful Links section.  That document will answer most questions about how my class operates and what kind of supplies are needed.

Feel free to email me with any questions.  My conference period is 6th Period, 1:30pm to 2:25pm.